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Welcome to the home of the original one minute overview videos for board games!

I began creating one minute overview videos of board games in April 2020 when the world went into lockdown as a way to connect with others who love board games as much as I do, and in order to bring new people into this wonderful hobby. Board games not only stimulate your mind, but they allow you to connect with the people around you, which is what I love most about them.

Why should you hire me to create a one minute overview video of your board game? Because selling a board game is about selling an experience. As an attorney, I have honed the skills necessary to explain the gist of a board game concisely and quickly while engaging my audience and leaving them wanting to know more. The reality of the internet world is that people have ever decreasing attention spans, so being able to get people excited in as little time as possible is vital to selling your game in the sea of options the market has available. Many potential gamers are lost because they won’t watch a 20+ minute video for lack of time or interest. With my videos, people will get a full sense of your game in a minute with my enthusiasm helping them decide that your game is the right game for them! That equals more video views, more excited gamers, and more sales for you!

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