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Please email me at to enquire about having me create a one minute overview video for your game! If it's for an upcoming game, please let me know when your game is launching/being released.

The starting rate is $300 per video, and the rate increases from there depending on the complexity (weight) of the game, plus a complimentary deluxe production copy of the game (for crowdfunding previews).

This rate includes me playing your game, making a one to two minute overview video which is posted to all my platforms (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and I also discuss the game in more detail in my weekly YouTube series The Weekly Play/Back.

I'm excited to learn about your game and how my videos can best support your project, so please get in touch by emailing me at the email address below! I will respond as soon as possible. :)

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Thanks for submitting!

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